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Halton House

Client: F & C Properties
Project Value: £300k
Contract Completed: January 2013
Architect: Lusted Green Architects
Procurement: Design & Build JCT

This contract was carried out in a occupied building and was finished to an extremely high specification. The scope of works called for the installation of new floor, wall and ceiling finishes whilst incorporating a unique architectural metal screen.

The Lensbury, Teddington

Client: Lensbury Ltd
Project Value: £700k
Contract Duration: 14 weeks
Architect: RDD PLC
Project Manager: Fitzsimons

Harmonix were appointed to convert the clubs East Wing from staff offices and banqueting rooms in to 24 bedroom suites finished to a superior standard offering air conditioned rooms with cotemporary décor.

Well Court

Client: Pointcrest Ltd.
Project Value: £2.5m
Contract Duration: 79 weeks
Architect: Khoury Architects

A modern and tasteful development of 8 luxury apartments in the heart of the City. These apartments boast such "boys toys" as external operating blinds, hinged glass, roof light, terrace access, full heigh external glass sliding facades, mechanical operating glass kitchen doors and many more fancy additions to the norm.