“At Harmonix, we are committed to following the best practices to maximise our sustainability goals and the wider ESG practises. We want to continue pushing the norm to reduce the impact on the environment and the communities we work within. We believe it is paramount to the future success of Harmonix that this is at the forefront of what we do to enable long-term success.”

Luke White | Procurement & Sustainability Manager

Sustainability & ESG

Harmonix Construction is focused on pioneering responsible and sustainable work from design to build to completion. Throughout the lifespan of a building, we promote Building Ratings Establishment’s sustainability assessment method by achieving BREEAM ratings on all our projects.

As of 2024, Harmonix has partnered with Planet Mark to assist in monitoring our environmental impact through our scope 1 & 2 emissions. We aim to achieve our first certification by May 2024 for the period 2023-2024 & we are fully committed to the NetZero policy for scopes 1 & 2 by 2030.

Harmonix utilises waste management on all projects. We undertake. Through supply chain review and alongside our waste partners, we minimise waste to landfill and set targets to ensure a minimum recycling target on every scheme.

Giving back to the planet

Harmonix have also partnered with Ecologi to assist with our Biodiversity targets. In unavoidable circumstances whereby trees are to be felled for development purposes, we have set a company target to re-plant at least 20 trees for every tree removed with Ecologi.

Sharing Values

Harmonix are committed to ensuring the supply chain is acknowledges its responsibility to ensuring a greener future. We work closely and monitor our entire supply chain to ensure all share the same value and minimise impact on the local and wider environment in which we work. Through our robust process, we are able to deliver on targets assisting BREEAM, NZC, and CCS.

Harmonix has experience at all levels of BREEAM-rated projects, along with the procedures we have in place, which means our team are trained to assist with the process from beginning to end. Our ‘can do’ attitude enables us to achieve the very best BREEAM result in an effective and commercially viable way.


We are working closely with our partners to align with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Through working with them we aim to improve the local and wider community.