Harmonix Construction is focused on pioneering responsible and sustainable work from design to build to completion. Throughout the lifespan of a building, we promote Building Ratings Establishment’s sustainability assessment method by achieving BREEAM ratings on all our projects. We also have begun a carbon monitoring program on each project to measure our total carbon emissions and reduce them.


In addition to our commitments to the environment, we are equally committed to enhancing the communities we work within. At each site, we look for opportunities to support the local community, such as participating in career days with local schools or volunteering at local food banks.


To round out our goals, we must also prioritise those who are responsible for upholding them. Our Modern Slavery and Diversity and Inclusion policies are the pillars of our workforce and are constantly referenced when bringing new staff on site. We place value in workforce training as well as mental and physical well-being.

Please see below for all policies relating to our corporate responsibility strategy. We adhere to these as an organisation and also expect all subcontractors and suppliers to as well.

We ensure that the positive relationships that we forge with our clients, and design team, are also developed with our sub-contractors; working closely to create an environment that ensures they are able to perform to their best abilities.

Harmonix has extensive experience in all sectors, however, we are widely regarded for our expertise in six main market sectors: Warehouse, Storage/Self Storage, Commercial, Residential, Hotel and Leisure. Having said that, we always welcome a new challenge!

As a business, we actively find new ways to contribute to making the world a better place. We do this by investing in improving the environment, the health, safety and morale of our workforce, both within our sites and within the wider communities, they sit within. We proactively engage with the local communities of our projects, be it by simply using local amenities, donating to food banks or inviting school children to visit our sites, gaining a little understanding of the developments and the construction industry as a whole. We continually look at new ways to participate further.

Sustainability Action Plan

Environmental Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Anti-Bribery Policy