“I joined Harmonix Construction in 2023 to become the new health & safety manager for the company. In all honesty it has been refreshing to see the companies objectives to consistently improving the H&S standards & equally rewarding staff for their contributions. We’ve recently implemented a mixture of rewards; ‘The Mike Farrell award’ annually for the highest performing site & also the H&S employee of the month. As a company we regularly meet biweekly to discuss project performances, monthly for SLT meetings & quarterly to set companywide targets and further discuss innovation ideas. We strive to improve where possible & value Health & Safety as the top company agenda at any meeting”

Glenn Chambers | H&S manager

Workforce Health & Safety

Harmonix has developed a robust and meaningful safety method, which is at the forefront of everything we do. We liaise with all members of the project team to ensure a minimum level is achieved, ensuring a safe working environment for all.

H&S is monitored in various forms for both targets & performances, with robust internal reports carried out weekly on each development, of which these reports are reviewed and discussed with the senior leadership team. All biweekly, monthly, quarterly & annually performances are reviewed, with targets set for both on site & off site activities to strive for the highest possible standards permissible.

We have recently commissioned various awards, such as the ‘Mike Farrell Safety award’ to encourage & celebrate stand out performers within our company.

Wellbeing & CCS

Harmonix construction equally values psychical & mental wellbeing. In 2024 we are setting out to have all our construction managers mental health first aid trained. We are delighted to have implemented a ‘FIR’ (Fairness, Inclusion, Respect) Ambassador, to offer assistance for the workforce whenever anyone needs it.

We strive to achieve excellence and having CCS presence on our sites assists with new ways of creating a happy workplace for all, while positively impacting the environment and community. For year 2023 our average was a score of 40, which we hope to improve upon for year 2023/2024. Within 2023 we also achieved our highest recorded score of 43/45, I multiple examples, setting the standards for the wider the company.