Harmonix is delighted to announce that as of 3rd August 2022, we are now recognized as a FORS Champion.

As part of our ‘Responsibility’ aim to improve safety, we realise that the safety of construction operatives and the public does not begin at the gate, but from the moment a vehicle begins its journey to site, that is why we request all deliveries are made by FORS-certified vehicles.

It is a key criterion when selecting a sub-contractor that any deliveries made to site are carried out on FORS-certified vehicles, at which point they will be checked by a Harmonix representative.

One of the key reasons Harmonix now implements this scheme is to work closely with the supply chain to not only improve safety aspects but also improve the local environment to site by improving efficiency, encouraging sustainable travel, and working towards achieving government targets.

By becoming a Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme Champion, we are helping to improve the overall levels of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection within the industry, which is paramount to achieving a zero-incident rating on journeys to and from site.

In line with FORS, Harmonix has adopted a set of values that guide our work and enable us to be clear as to our purpose and method.

We value:

  • The safety of all road users
  • Innovation and a culture of continuous improvement
  • Respect for the environment
  • Stakeholder collaboration, participation, and engagement
  • Ethical behaviour and the highest professional standards

You can find our profile here: https://www.fors-online.org.uk/cms/suppliers-and-supporters-champ/

FORS Champion ID: A00649