Harmonix welcomed members of Merton Council to our site in relation to our Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Low Emission Zone (LEZ) compliance.

Led by our Construction Manager Eoin Power and joined by Damien West of Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd, the members of Merton Council, including Councillor Ross Garrod, walked around site checking the compliance of all major machinery, ensuring it reached the necessary Stage IIIB target level imposed by Merton Council. 

During the inspection, they noted the plant not only reached the required level but exceeded it with the majority of plant having Stage IV & Stage V compliance. The councillors were beyond satisfied with our performance and exceeding the necessary requirement, awarding us total compliance and additional recognition for having machinery “above and beyond the emission standard required”.

Should a piece of plant fail the inspection, the Cleaner Construction for London (CCFL) scheme, which has been running since 2016, allows for the machinery to be removed from site or for work to be stopped until equipment compliant with local air quality standards is brought in.

Harmonix, while at the beginning of our journey in making the world sustainable for all, are experimenting with ideas to meet demands in reducing our Carbon Footprint, going beyond the requirements set out.

Merton’s Council article is also available here, which references our site: https://news.merton.gov.uk/2022/07/20/merton-leads-the-way-to-cleaner-construction/

Making the world a greener, cleaner place, for all to live in harmony.